Juana Gloria

Juana Gloria

Juana Gloria grew up in Chichicastenango, a cultural center for the K’iche’ Maya, the daughter of a day laborer father and housewife/weaver mother. She is the youngest of six siblings, including a brother with special needs, and received education through sixth grade.

The Artisan’s History
Juana Gloria learned to weave from her mother. As her mother fell ill, she took care of her as well as her brother, while developing weaving skills and also working in a convenience store to support the family. She became skilled at weaving huipiles (traditional Guatemalan blouses) that are designed uniquely with symbolism that represents the town of Chichicastenango.

The Friendship Bridge Impact
As a single woman, Juana Gloria joined Friendship Bridge so she could have enough money to start a textile business. Through Handmade by Friendship Bridge® Juana Gloria has acquired technology skills, which she has used to promote her products. She’s also taken advantage of preventive health services offered to her for being a Friendship Bridge client. She is proud that the growth of her business has allowed her to help her family build a new house with two levels. In 2020, she was awarded a sewing machine through a Handmade by Friendship Bridge® donation.


Juana Gloria strives to develop her sewing skills, be an example to her nieces and nephews, and continue to improve her family’s standard of living.