Friendship Bridge client since 2022; part of Handmade by Friendship Bridge® since 2022

Rosario grew up in Zunil, Quetzaltenango, with her mother and two older brothers. Her mother worked hard to make sure Rosario could start college; Rosario paid her own way in order to finish. She graduated with a degree in social work.

The Artisan’s History

Rosario always had a passion for design and fashion, and as she started her career, she began to make her own clothes on the side. She loves adding traditional fabric details from Zunil to modern clothing. “My coworkers admired my designs, and they encouraged me to start selling them,” Rosario remembers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to advertise and sell clothing in her community, and developed the brand she calls E-Modas (The Fashion Destination).

The Friendship Bridge Impact

In order to purchase more raw materials and expand her business, Rosario joined Friendship Bridge and was invited to join Handmade by Friendship Bridge® shortly after. Training on the use of technology and social networks as a business tool has been most useful to her. “I now understand that these networks can help identify potential customers, show uses for products, and allow me to respond to customers, among other actions. Now I use my social networks with clearer ideas for my business.” In 2023, Rosario won first place for a Women’s Entrepreneurs Award, in the Successful Entrepreneur category. She also worked with the Handmade by Friendship Bridge® team to design a dress Indigenous pageant winner Edna Marly Figeuroa Cuc.


Rosario plans to grow her brand, cover the market in Quetzaltenango, and reach strategic places in Guatemala where there is an influx of tourism.